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St Sergius of Radonezh Church

Address: St Sergius of 420102 Republic of Tatarstan
Kazan city, Krasnokokshaiskaya str., 101
Tel.: 8-91-72-53-81-50

The parish was established in 1999 at the request of a religious community and through application of the administration of Kirovsky district of Kazan city. It was Valentina V. Mamchenko who initiated its foundation. She was elected a chairman of the parish council.

The parish was provided with a ground area as a lease for a term of 49 years with area of 0,302 hectare, and with a two-storey old building situated within the land.

At the end of 2002 – the beginning of 2003 thorough repairs of the building were carried out, church plate was bought. On July 14, 2003 the church was consecrated by Archbishop Anastassy of Kazan and Tatarstan.

In 2003-2004 the design of a new church was made and approved. At present a null cycle has been finished, construction works are under way.

Clergy of the church

Dean of the church is the priest Oleg Fatykhov. The clergy are priest Pavel Yevgrafov, priest Nikolai Diakov, priest Sergy Nechiporenko, deacon Alexey Kast, deacon Vyacheslav Timofeev.


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