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The Church of Our Lady of Kazan

Address: The 420088 Republic of Tatarstan
Kazan city, Pervaya Vladimirskaya str., 21 A
Tel.: (843) 273-16-44

Tsaritsyno was one of the earli­est Russian settlements in the land of Kazan. The Church and a parish existed there as far as in 1560-s. The contemporary two-altared church was built in 1825-1829 at the expenses of its parishioners that were the apanage peasants from Tsaritsino settlement and Aki village. The Empire style of the church is typ­ical to that historic period. At the end of 1940-s Tsaritsino came to be within the precincts of Kazan. The simple vil­lage church turned into the big urban parish one, which was not shut down even during the Great Patriotic War. In the 1960s, it was a period of “Khrushchov’s thaw”, it was decided to reorganize the church as it was located far from the city centre into a cathedral church of the diocese of Kazan, whereas St. Nicholas cathedral should have been pulled down. But due to the grace of God this plans were not fulfilled.


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