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St. Nicholas Cathedral

Address: 4200845 Republic of Tatarstan
Kazan city, Bauman str., 5
Tel.: (843)292-57-51
Никольский кафедральный собор

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas is the whole architectural and administrative complex. It con­sists of the church of St. Nicholas Nizskaya (Lower) and the church of Intercession communicated with each other; a bell-tower separately located, and quite a number of buildings occu­pied by the churchly administration. St. Nicholas Cathedral stands at the spot where a wooden church of St. Nicholas of Borovsk was situated as far back as in 1565. At the end of the 17th centu­ry it was replaced with a stone, two-altared church of St. Nicholas Nizskaya attached with a side-chapel in honor of the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The single-domed church had no pil­lars. The winter (heated) church of Intercession was designed as a five-pillared and three-apsed temple. It was built from 1696 to 1703. A five-tiered bell-tower was erected in the 20s of the 18th century. The Church of Intercession is topped with five onion-shaped domes, which were probably added in the course of the partial reconstruction in 1892. At the second half of the 18th century the church of St. Nicholas Nizskaya fell into absolute dilapidation. In 1883 it was disassembled and replaced with a new church erected by 1885. The names of benefactors and donators are immortalized in memorial plaque of the church. Those were the well-known benefactors of Kazan Pavel Vasilyevich Schtetinkin, Vasily Ivanovich Zausailov, Alexander Nikiforovich Sveshnikov and Gregory Nikolayevich Gorinov. Nobody among them, but Gregory Gorinov was both a church­warden and a parishioner of the church. The priest Nikolai Varushkin (1831-1903) rendered the great service to initiating a new construction. Fr. Nikolai served at the parish of the Lower Church of St. Nicholas (one of the less attended parishes in the city) from 1871 to 1903 and won the respect of all the faithful of Kazan.

In 1930 the cathe­dral was shut down. However, under the archbishop of Kazan Hermogen (Kozhin) in 1946 the authorities allowed to open St. Nicholas Church. Besides it, there had been only one functioning church by that time, which was located on the city cemetery. St. Nicholas Church obtained a status of the cathedral since then.

The main sacred objects of the Cathedral are the miracle-working copies of the icons of the Mother of God of Kazan and of Tikhvin, the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God of St. Theodore (it was the main shrine of the former Convent of St. Theodore in Kazan), the miracle-working icon of St. Nicholas, archbishop of Mira and Lycia “Kuyukovskaya”, which was found in the village of Kuyuki (near Kazan) on June 11/24 1897, and many other shrines.


The Cathedral Clergy

Archpriest Nikolai Ushakov, rector; Archpriest Nikolai Timofeyev, Archpriest Gennady Kolesnikov, Archpriest Ioann Barsukov,  Archpriest Vladimir Serov, Deacon Georgy Troinikov,  Deacon Yevgeny Zakharov, Deacon Oleg Kuznetsov,  Deacon Sergy Trifonov.

Service Schedule

The Divine services are performed every day:

  • 8.00– Divine Liturgy
  • 17.00 – Evening service

On Sunday:

  • 6.30 – early Liturgy
  • 8.30 – late Liturgy











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