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The Catedral of Epiphany of Our Lord

Address: The Catedral of Epiphany of Our Lord
420084 Kazan city, Bauman str., 78
Tel.: (843) 292-17-58

The earliest wooden church of Epiphany was situated at the same place as far back as the end of the 16th century. This photo­graph presents a church, which was built in 1741 at the expense of Sergei Chernov the merchant. The five-domed church is an architectural monument of Russian baroque. By the 18th century the Church of Epiphany predominated the architectural ensemble. It included a winter (provided with heating) church of St. Andrew by the northern side of the main church of Epiphany, a bell-tower (two-tiered and hip-roofed) placed backwards to the contempo­rary Ostrovsky street, the house of a parish priest, built at the end of the 18th century, and one more building possessed to the church either. It faced Prolomnaya Street (contempo­rary Bowman Street) and was situated at the place where the monument to Fyodor Shalyapin is set up nowadays.

In pre-revolutionary time the parish of the church of Epiphany was among the biggest ones. The parishioners of the church belonged to the various social strata. There were nobility, prominent businessmen and common­ers among them as well. On February 2, 1873 Fyodor Shalyapin was bap­tized there. Up to 1939 when it was closed, the church of Epiphany remained to be cathedral one.

Unfortunately, in the 1950s the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called was pulled down. The Church of St. Epiphany was turned into gymnasium of the University of Kazan. It was badly disfigured, had the tops and domes pulled down and all molding decora­tions plastered. The Church of St. Epiphany was transferred back to the orthodox community in 1997.

A new bell-tower of the Church of St. Epiphany is of the self-dependent architectural significance. The mer­chant Ivan Krivonosov (died in 1892) bequeathed his capital to the diocese to erect this bell-tower. It had been constructed since 1895 to 1897 by the project of the architect M. Mikhailov. This architectural monument is more than a bell-tower. There was a rather spacious temple of the Finding of the Head of John the Baptist on the first floor. Its enormous height reaches 74 meters. The architectural composition is very successful. The walls are thor­oughly made of plain bricks and moldings. The bell-tower is one of the most dominant elements of the urban landscape. Thus, the bell-tower symbolizes the contemporary image of Kazan.

The Cathedral Clergy

Archpriest Oleg Sokolov, rector; Fr. Alexey Usanov, Fr. Nikolai Volkov, Fr. Dimitry Fomin

Service Schedule

The Divine services are performed every day. On Sunday and on feast days the Divine Liturgy is served at 8.00. On Weekdays molebens (a supplicatory prayer service) are celebrated at 10.30


















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