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The Church of the Miracle-Workers of Moscow

Address:The Church of the Miracle-Workers of (The Branch of Raifa Monastery)
Republic of Tatarstan
Kazan city, Moskovskaya str., 39
Tel.: (843) 292-39-22

It was one of the most interesting churches of Kazan. A stone church was erected 1739 instead of the earliest one built of wood in 1663. The upper church, a cold one i.e. is not heated, is in the name of holy hierarchs of Moscow Peter, Alexey, Iona and Phillip. The lower church, a warm one i.e. is heated, is in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker. The church was built in the baroque, octagon on quadrangle, with a large central part. The bell-tower was situated on the northwestern part of the church. In front of the church there was a stone chapel. The architect of Kazan P. Romanov and manufacturer S. Zemlyanov, the founder of River school were churchwardens at definite times. Near the church in 1898 there was built a chapel in the name of Holy Prince Alexander of Neva and in commemoration of Emperor Alexander III. It was here where Divine services were resumed in this place a few years ago.

In Soviet time the only thing that was left whole from the church was a tumbledown bell-tower. At present, the church ruins are situated on the territory of the branch of Raifa monastery. In the building of the parish school and clergy a church in the name of Holy Wives the Myrrh-bearers is arranged. Reconstruction of the church of the Miracle-workers of Moscow is also planned nowadays. Next to the chapel construction works of a new church in honor of SS passion bearers Tsar Nicholas II and his family are carried out, the bell-tower of the church of the Miracle-workers of Moscow is being restored as well. There is built a wooden church on the territory of the branch, which serves for baptism. There are also a parish school and a sewing workshop for making vestments.

On the basis of the branch with the blessing of the archbishop of Kazan and Tatarstan Anastassy there work a Diocesan pilgrimage service and Department for youth affairs. Pupils of Raifa Monastery that study in the institutes of higher education of Kazan reside in its branch.





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